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JINGLE & SPICE Recipe e-Book

JINGLE & SPICE Recipe e-Book

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Our exclusive recipe e-Book designed exclusively for the festive season! 🎅🏻 Dive into a world of flavour that'll make your Christmas dishes shine brighter than Rudolph's nose! 🌟 

15 moreish recipes that are easy-to-follow and cover Entrées, Mains, Sides & Desserts for a successful & delicious Christmas Day feast. 

The SPICETUB spice mixes used in the JINGLE & SPICE recipe e-Book are: 

Apple Crumble Mix
Fish Master
Mexican Beef Bowl Mix
Moroccan Chicken Mix
Mushroom Medley Mix
Pizza Master
Porridge Master
Red Pesto Pasta Mix
Roasted Chickpea Mix
Salad Dressing Mix
Steak Master
Veggie Master

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