Spicetubs are unique & bloody delicious spice mixes that tickle out that creativity in the day-to-day home cook to find more inspo & excitement in the kitchen. Conveniently stackable, colourful and versatile AF. That is SPICETUB.

Our VISION at SPICETUB is to evoke excitement and provide guidance for health-conscious home cooks to make cooking with spices fun and delicious. 

Our MISSION is to provide Aussie home cooks with creative & specific spice mixes that are different & exciting; Colourful, bold & conveniently packaged mixes transform your spice rack & meals one sprinkle at a time.

Founder Svenja

Our Founder's Story | Svenja Collins
"January 2019, I was half way through my pregnancy with our first born baby boy Finn. My husband Andy and I decided to move a little further out from the city of Melbourne. We packed up our apartment in Elwood and I noticed this twirl thingy with all our herbs and spices in it. You couldn't read the labels anymore, so I had to guess from the old and sticky insides what was even in some of these little glass bottles. Long story short: We chucked the whole thing, it was stained and we used only maybe 3-4 spices from it regularly (there were like 24 in it).
A fresh, new start!

That was the time that we started buying spice after spice for each little recipe we decided to create and cook and that is when I for the first time consciously walked through the spice and herb aisles in supermarkets... 
It was so frustrating. 
While cooking is such a creative, fun and sometimes even meditative hobby for many of us, the spice aisles were not that exciting at all!
Spices are vibrant, inviting, enticing!
There was just a massive opportunity in the market to make spices and spice mixes shine & give them their appropriate attention & joy.
Pregnancy, birth and the first 6 months of our little bundle of love happened and here and there a bit of research to eventually get this business started. 
We were not there yet in my opinion, I am a perfectionist and I still had so many little things to organise before officially launching but then COVID-19 happened and within a couple of days we were live. 
Why wait? What are we waiting for?
We were already using our own spice mixes in our own kitchen for a while now, so we started sharing them with you guys.
I am super excited cooking with such unique mixes myself now and until we are in supermarkets ourselves, I can now avoid those aisles until further notice!"